Residential Law


13 de October de 2021

A frequent problem in residential buildings is structural damage in various forms, which can be exacerbated by negligence from the building’s management.

For example, inside a building there can be pipes which are property of building management – in both vertical and horizontal form.

The vertical ones are the responsibility of building management since they are within common areas throughout the building.  And therefore the building management is responsible for their maintenance, whether that be preventative or repair work.  Meanwhile, the horizontal pipes are responsibility of the resident – since they fall exclusively within their own property ownership.

Quite often, for example, required maintenance is not completed in common areas as it should be – such as exterior walls, side paneling, roofing, or piping.  The result can be physical damage to the building and judicial court orders to resolve maintenance obligations, cover materials and labor – in addition to compensation and damages.

The courts and legal system are relatively passive in this regard, with various judicial convictions against building management – encouraging legal counselling to avoid such prejudices occurring to begin with.

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