Expertise / Areas of expertise


  • Regularization of property, updating regulations, offering advice in meetings, trustees and administrators.
  • Comprehensive advice for residential properties, including recovery of credit via judicial and extrajudicial means.
  • Implementation and consultation on LGPD (General Data Protection Law).
  • Regularization on properties via judicial or extrajudicial usucaption, general contracts in relation to purchase and sell, compulsory adjudication action.
  • Risk analysis for the completion of real estate deals (due diligence).
  • Residential and non-residential leasing (including shopping centers).
  • Construction contracts and new real estate developments, incorporations and inheritances.
  • Possessionary actions (repossession, maintenance and prohibition).
  • Leases (evictions, renewals, revisions, payments).
  • Restructuring of real estate businesses, involving the acquisition and lease of rural properties by national and foreign individuals / legal entities.
  • Legal restructuring of commercial and residential enterprises, including the creation of patrimony of affectation and the preparation of condominium agreements, statutes and memorial incorporations.
  • Legal restructuring of multipurpose developments such as shopping centers, hangers, hotels and hospitals as well as multi-property ventures.
  • Hotel contracts.
  • Purchase and sale of active forests.
  • Mergers and acquisitions specifically relating to real estate corporations.
  • Structured operations such as leaseback sales.