Expertise / Segmentos


  • The real estate department of our legal practice has been involved in various types of projects, always accompanying the rapid evolution of Brazilian and global markets, advising both Brazilian and international clients, in all aspects of real estate transactions and deals.
  • Specifically, our vast experience in dealing with rural areas, including the involvement of foreign investors and Brazilian companies under foreign ownership, considering the limitations as imposed by current Brazilian legislation, including the formulation of tools related to this specifical type of practice, purchase and sale, rural lease and partnership, surface rights, rural guarantees, usufruct, legal reservation for environmental purposes and servitude.
  • Within the scope of work related to the demobilization of assets, we emphasize our performance in the implementation of operations involving the renegotiation of debts via payments and/or donation, mortgages and trustees / proxies in real estate guarantees.
  • Furthermore, our professionals have solid experience in real estate financing, in active participation with Capital Markets teams involving operations that assure guarantees via the issuance of valid certificates (CRIs) and formation of legitimate investment funds (e.g. FIPs and FIIs).
  • Additionally, we collaborate with fields of civil litigation in cases involving strategic and contentious real estate issues, including arbitration in property deals and civil actions related to this, in addition to areas of labor consultancy advice.