Residential Law


10 de December de 2021

The residential relationship has always been the cause of numerous problems, such as incorrect vehicle parking, not respecting bin separations (e.g. common trash from organics and recyclables), construction noise after hours, or those who take advantage of the pandemic to implement a home office, etc.  The laws of cohabitation are stated in the Civil Code, the condominium agreement, in addition to various bylaws.

Among real estate lawyers it is most common to hear about : dogs, pipes, children, cars, defaults – and now there is also COVID.  For example, there was the resident who adopted dogs due to isolation from the pandemic – however, without considering the question of how to care for these animals.  While in another building, the caretaker was permitted to help residents with their shopping for groceries and medications, where they weren’t able to leave their homes

Meanwhile, there are those who completely disregard the pandemic and as a result, can cause their legal expulsion from the condominium, based on anti-social grounds – and losing their right to their residence (although not their ownership, however).  In this situation, the resident should be given prior notice, following a fine that can be up to 10 times the deposit fee and finally, an authorized vote among building residents regarding the possibility of legal action.

Any further questions regarding cohabitation laws during this period of COVID pandemic?

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