• 17 years of experience as a lawyer in civil litigation and real estate ranging from small-level to mid-level to large-scale;
  • Post-doctorate in Arbitration from UERJ; Doctorate and Master’s in Civil Procedural Law from UNESA; and Master’s in Education from University of Jaén/Spain;
  • Post-graduate in Constitutional Process from UERJ and Civil Process from UFF;
  • Adjunct Professor Doctorate at UFRJ; guest at FGV; guest at EMERJ;
  • Former legal director at ABAMI;
  • Member of the Real Estate Law Commission of IAB (Institute of Brazil Lawyers) and of OAB (Order of Lawyers Brazil);
  • Member of Brazil Institute of Procedural Law (IBDP); Brazil Academy of Civil Procedural Law (ABDPC); Carioca Institute of Civil Process (ICPC); Institute of Brazil Lawyers (IAB); and Brazil Association of Lawyers (ABA);
  • Author of various legal books and articles.